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in Pest Control - 05 Dec, 2015
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The Bed Bug – A Pest Making A Comeback
Bed Bugs On Mattress

Bed Bugs On A Mattress (purdue.edu)

The bed bug is a small parasitic insect that comes out at night like a vampire in search of feeding on the blood of animals or people when they are sleeping. The bed bug can be found worldwide but in the United States they were considered eradicated until recently. In North America they are now rapidly spreading and this includes the United States where they have been found in each and every state. Cleanliness is not a deterrent for the bed bug, they have been found in day cares, libraries, schools, cruise ships and five star hotels. The bed bug can go without eating for weeks if not months, but they do prefer to eat every few days.

According to Green Heat SD, the bed bug will crawl up to 150 feet to find something to feed on, but most stay in a 10 foot range of a sleeping area.  During the day the bedbug will usually hide in bed frames, dressers, mattress seams or any other small crevices they can get into. When you are traveling one of the first thing you should do is check the area you are sleeping in and look for signs of bed bugs like their trail of feces. The bed bug is not going away anytime soon and has become a part of our day to day life in the 21st century. If you visit places like movie theatres, libraries, gyms or travel a lot, there is a chance that you could bring home these unwanted creatures.